Crafting ideas to reality

Varpra offers a blend of technical knowledge and experience of Application Development, Project Management, AI, Big Data, data mining and analytical tools to help you transform your business ideas and requirement in to a working application.

Agile Process

Agile model of software project management help us to be quick with delivery of features, getting reviewed from stakeholders and adapt changes in small recurrent sprint of 15 days in most of the cases.

Best Practices

Changes are the first rule of application development and we uses best and proven practices with motive to adapt changes while keeping the code clean and managed.

Maintenance & Support

Diverse financial solutions provided by our experts guarantee increased profits for your business.

Helping Business Owners Worldwide

What We Offer

App Development

With a team of extremely skilled professional programmer, designer and ML experts. We are focused on provide reliable and flexible solutions using various technologies.

UI/UX Design

We understand how a good UI can build an emotional relationship with end user.Our team of artists and fornt-end developers provide a creative and powerful user experience.


Our data analytics and AI services help you effictively aggregate, store, perform analysis and report you insight about your organization. Our expertise in bigdata and cloud services help you scale any size of data within your organization.

Quality Control

We offer proven and industry accepted Quality Assurance practice that assures a reliable solution. We have team of experts skilled in implementing different types of software testing and testing technologies and frameworks.

A Few Words About Us

Varpra is a leading data analytic company based in New Delhi, India. Varpra has team of software engineers, researchers and data scientists with more than a decade experience. We have developed software that performs exceptional analytics in Finance, Business analytics and IoT.

While the nascency of our company may translate as inexperience for some, our clients recognize that we bring a fresh and new perspective to the table. Our team is composed of young and zealous professionals who are go-getters right from the start. We provide software development services and have specialized in developing apps and systems that helps in your analytic endeavors.